How are you turning one already, didn’t I just give birth to you?

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You may be my second but you share the space in my heart equally which I really worried about before you made your entrance. I had no idea why, once I looked into your big blue eyes.

You may not be the first to call me Mummy but you will be my last. Your most happiest place in the world is on My hip to be carried room to room, while I chase your big sister. Your a mummy’s boy through and through which I know will change over the years but I’m holding onto this special time as long as you let me.

Your my cheeky little guy and the reason we baby proofed EVERYTHING!

As your cuddled to your favourite fluffy cover. The balloons are being blown up, the presents have been wrapped awaiting for your usual early wake up call. I know you will be more interested in the boxes but I’m sure your big sister will be more than happy enough to give you a hand.

Your no longer my teeny tiny baby *well you were never really that small *. Your personality has grown leaps and bounds with such a cheeky little streak starting to show. Your now taking a stand not letting your big sister take toys off you and secretly I find it funny after months of her taking what she wanted without much of a fight from you.

To sit and look at these 52 photos with how much you have grown over a year. It has zoomed by without any warning and suddenly your growing into a toddler. If I could just keep you this age, it would be a dream when your giggles are infectious and a cuddle and kiss your happy again. To keep you away from the darkness and reality of today’s world as we know it. But on the eve of your first birthday I only hope for one thing. For your happiness my sweet baby boy that day after day your laughter and smile never leaves you.

Good night my baby boy tomorrow you awake as 1 !!!

6 thoughts on “How are you turning one already, didn’t I just give birth to you?

  1. ohlunablog says:

    Happy first birthday to Frazer! The slideshow is adorable and is totally making me want to look at photo’s of my toddler being that small. Not broody, not one bit.. Might just try and get the other half to bed tonight haha!


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