A sincere apology to my body

Over the last few months, when I’ve looked in the mirror what has looked back at me I’ve grown to despise. This might seem quite a harsh words to use but to not be happy in your own skin anymore can be soul destroying. Everything I wear, I feel like it doesn’t fit, I have no idea what to wear after baby number two. To look and think your not quite sure who is looking back at you anymore.

Then this week I looked again realised I hadn’t really given my body any gratitude as it’s done some amazing things over the years and just maybe I need to see it’s achievements rather than it’s failures.

I stand in the mirror and see stretch marks, a stomach that is still pretty wobbly since baby number two. What I should be saying is I’m sorry body, you have allowed me to grow two beautiful children and  kept them safe for 18 months in total. You’ve  been stretched and took the strain to allow them to grow and flourish.  Both pregnancy’s have left behind stretch marks in there wake but I need to remember you’ve birthed two babies with a combined 7 days of labour and still suffering lasting pain to bring my babies into the world. I should be full of joy that my body has allowed this rather than looking at it in disgust that it hasn’t managed to *bounce back this time. For 7 months you allowed me to breast feed night after night with constant cluster feeds and bouts of mastitis and you still managed to keep up my supply and keep me going. My boobs may not be quite the same but you were too busy feeding my baby to worry about the lasting affects.

Day in and day out it I mistreat my body by rushing meals missing meals because I’m too busy chasing two children when really I should be apologising  for the years of neglect I’ve put you through.

After Post Natal depression you stayed with me even If I thought my mind had failed me. Really I should be saying thank you body for all the things you have done for me over the years.


So next time you look in the mirror try to think what achievements your body has done rather than the negatives of what it hasn’t quite achieved yet. I know I will.

8 thoughts on “A sincere apology to my body

  1. Mandi says:

    Great advice! I think as women we all feel like this about our bodies but they have grown a human being inside and carried it for 9 months – we are amazing!


  2. Rachelanne_bee says:

    Love this. It’s so hard to adjust to a changed body, but really they are so amazing. I think we just need to work more on ignoring what the media says we should look like! We’re all different and that’s a good thing!


  3. geegardner says:

    I feel you. It’s really hard to deal with the changes isnt it but taking a step back to really think about how much our bodies have given us really helps I think. x


  4. Where Roots And Wings Entwine says:

    Love this. I think it is hard not to ignore things we don’t like about our bodies but we really must remember what our bodies go through over the years especially pregnancy. I have had a really bad relationship with my body over the years but have grown to accept it and be grateful for the 2 babys it gave me.


  5. Georgina Clarke Blog says:

    Oh god I know this so well! I sometime laugh at my body and just think “what the hell happened” but my god, what remarkable things they’ve done!


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