Time flies when your having fun…

We are in the final countdown to the end of the summer holidays. In a blink of a eye my teeny tiny baby is starting school. It’s something that’s been sitting there at the back of my brain. Festering unsure quite what to do with itself.

I’m in two different minds of Charlotte starting school. To be honest depending on the day I think Charlotte is too.

One side of my Mummy brain is so happy for her to be going, she is more than ready to start school. I think it was getting to the point nursery wasn’t quite enough for her.

But on the other hand it’s the end of having my little companion every day. Little day trips we try and fit in on my days off. As I work more weekends than mid week.

Charlottes opinion changes daily and with who seems to ask her. One minute she’s very excited at the prospect of school. With the other half she asks when is she going back to nursery. You can just see her little heart sink when you tell her shes finished at nursery. Then soon after she’s asks she can stay little forever * if only my sweet girl*.

In less than two weeks my biggest munchkin will start her journey through education. When I say it like that it sounds quite daunting really. I wasn’t feeling too emotional about the idea that she was starting school until the joys of Timehop remind you that just 4 short years ago she was a teeny tiny little person.

I find myself worrying about the tiniest things like will she work out how to get her PE kit on. Do I need to sticker her shoes incase she gets confused which foot is which. Will she have friends to play with at break time, will someone want to sit with her at lunch.

I know it’s just my Mummy brain on over drive. The rest of her nursery class will be coming along too. Her little buddies she’s already made in the last few years. With all summer she’s been practising to put on her own shoes and clothes without help and to be fair only a few occasions I’ve noticed a tag at the front of her dress.

I think the final thing I’m forgetting – Charlotte is Charlotte she loves to talk to anyone. Everyone is her friend and with school she’s just gaining another class room of people that are going to love her as much as we all do.

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