Messy – Me *Bib* *apron *

I don’t know about you but as a parent you try out almost anything so that your children don’t ruin there clothes because you know that princess dress they refuse to take off will be the first to get ruined when painting that *green dinosaur painting*

When got In touch to see if I would review some of there oil cloth products for my messy munchkins. I couldn’t wait to see how they would compare.

First up the Messy bib. This comes in some lovely designs we had the pleasure of the red stars design.

It’s a great shape first off, without being too big but just big enough that the spaghetti won’t be all over the smallest munchkins jeans. It’s also fab for tucking away in you changing bag.

Fraser has just turned 1 but he will still get plenty of use out of this bib, but would also be great for just starting out on your weaning journey.

The Fabric is wipeable oil cloth with a large pouch like pocket on the front to catch any of that food that loves to escape. The bib is held by velcro but even after a few attempts from the smallest munchkin it didn’t come off, which is great for me because it’s his new trick of throwing bibs off.

I love this bib it’s lovely and bright and washes great with the added bonus that the munchkin can’t easily tug it off . Thumbs up from Mummy

Next up the lovely miniature aprons

Our design was the red polka dots. It’s been stitched perfectly and my biggest munchkin got very excited when she saw it


As you can see from our baking fun the apron was very handy.

With it also being made from oil cloth it wipes off any stray cake mix that didn’t quite make it to the cake (or into her mouth).

My biggest munchkin is 4 and will get plenty of use out of it. Another thumbs up from mummy.


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