The Kelpies

We have visited The Kelpies couple of times since the sculptures were finished in 2013.  With these amazing horse sculptures sitting at a crazy height of over 30 metres High.  They are situated in The Helix next to the Falkirk football stadium. Traveling by car it took us about half an hour from Edinburgh. Charlotte … Continue reading The Kelpies

Munchkins vs Edinburgh Fringe

It’s Edinburgh Fringe time you either love it with all your soul or you avoid because Edinburgh’s population has tripled. With the crazy amounts of comedians and that doesn’t even include the tourists. Now I am very much in the first boat and always have been. While my other half tried but soon gets buggy … Continue reading Munchkins vs Edinburgh Fringe

Mini city event

Today we took Charlotte along to the mini city event at Ocean terminal in Edinburgh. It’s running from 27th July – 14th August Now we attempted this on a rainy Sunday afternoon, don’t quite know what I was thinking but we waited just over an hour in total. *thankfully the smallest slept the whole time … Continue reading Mini city event