Mini city event

Today we took Charlotte along to the mini city event at Ocean terminal in Edinburgh.

It’s running from 27th July – 14th August

Now we attempted this on a rainy Sunday afternoon, don’t quite know what I was thinking but we waited just over an hour in total. *thankfully the smallest slept the whole time *

The event is set up into 6 little scenarios- florist, hairdresser, building site, doctors , shop and police station.

Adults are asked to stand behind the line *some parents hadn’t quite perfected that technique* and only children are allowed to enter the set ups.

Which is quite nice to stand back and watch all 10 children interact with each other, with just tip bits of help from the instructor and grown ups . Each area the children are given a task to fulfil. For example florist they were asked to water plants and make a flower arrangement in a wellie boot.

While In the shop they asked to shop for 4 items and bring them to the till.

This event is for 3 years and up and to be honest if Charlotte was any younger I don’t think she would of had the ability to follow the instructions for each section.

It was a little chaotic but of course a rainy Sunday afternoon will be like that. Each group is a max of 10. That way each child gets a go and has there own little prop and dress up item.

The only negatives to the event and this is maybe more the parents then anything else, is the big sign says wait here until it’s your turn and a lot of people were trying to come and join half way through maybe they needed another barrier while the tour was going on.

Also part of the long waiting was if you didn’t get in on your first go you would get a stamp so you could have priority on the next turn, which is a good idea having kids waiting is not ideal the only problem which I over heard is when kids are going in for the 2nd or 3rd time as they have a stamp and everyone has to wait longer.

On the whole this was a great event Charlotte loved it and so I . She’s very much into make believe at the moment and this ticked all the boxes. So if you have a spare moment this summer holiday go see which career your little munchkin will love, and it’s FREE we all know how expensive the school holidays can be.

6 thoughts on “Mini city event

  1. Kelly-Anne says:

    My daughter would love to go to something like this. I can’t say whether she would actually want to leave, but looks like lots of fun. I can see it’s smiles all round.


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