Munchkins Brunch with superheroes *one4events*

Today we were lucky enough to be invited along to an event hosted by One4events.

They run events for kids who love princesses or superhero’s to lunches with inspirational women speakers. There is a event for everyone.

There Facebook page and Instagram feature the events in your area.

One4events instagram

One4events Facebook

I have been trying to attend an event like this for months but always something has come up or sadly I have been working. This time I got an email to say would we be interested in coming along as guests to this event, Brunch with wonder women and spider man forget the kids i’ll come along myself.

It has been years since I been in Murryfield hotel and my goodness what a beautiful venue.

Before the heroes arrive you have the choice of different brunch options. Varying from sausages to pancakes and maple syrup *biggest munchkins favourite*

As you can see the smallest munchkin had no complaints about the food.

The timings are tight between getting there and food is recommended to be finished before the heroes arrive. So make sure you arrive on time but to be fair still plenty of time for my two feral children to demolish all there food. You even get a goodie bag and choice of Spider-Man or Wonder Woman to colour in for a competition.

Now the excitement begins……. the hero’s arrive. Over the years I’ve been and seen quite a few superhero’s and nothing is a scratch on these guys. There costumes are awesome,even down to there accents. *lets be honest we all been there when the hero has arrived they look the part then they talk suddenly they have a very strong Scottish accent*.

Spider-man I was so impressed, he didn’t break out of character including the ways they moved throughout the room.

It’s up to you if you decide to dress up but 90% of the kids did and it was amazing to watch the kids to meet there heroes in real life. Each little face lit up as Spider man and Wonder Woman made there way round the room separate talking to each child and interacting to make them feel special and best of all they took there time for each and every child. Nothing was ever a rush each child had there time for photos and to talk to the heroes.

The games and dancing is all done by the superhero’s, there’s something quite amusing about watching Wonder Woman do the Hokey Cokey and spider man break out his moves for musical statues.

Through out the event there’s prizes and even at the end all children receive a wee prize which as a parent, I always seems to breath a little easier because it’s never easy to break it to a small person why they didn’t win a prize even though they also were breaking out all the best dance moves.

This event was #GIFTED I like to be totally honest about that but I can honestly say I’ll be searching for the next hero or princess event that’s coming this way. My two munchkins loved it to the point my biggest munchkin was very much star stuck when she met wonder women.

In summery there was always time for every child that asked a question or wanted to talk to the hero’s. Both hero’s were amazing and believable for kids of any age. There was plenty of choices for the brunch to suit everyone’s needs and tastes and with tea and coffee being bottomless….Who’s to complain.

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