Munchkins vs Edinburgh Fringe

It’s Edinburgh Fringe time you either love it with all your soul or you avoid because Edinburgh’s population has tripled. With the crazy amounts of comedians and that doesn’t even include the tourists.

Now I am very much in the first boat and always have been. While my other half tried but soon gets buggy rage against unsuspecting tourists. Who just had to stand right in the middle of the smallest cobbled street for that best selfie of that dam castle.

As a Mummy I know how much summer holidays activities add up.  I also hate it when I’ve spent money and almost cringe when neither of the munchkins have had any enjoyment out of it.

This page will be added to with each fringe activity we have tried to let you guys know if it’s worth your time or is it time to give in and sadly attempt soft play *the horror*

First up Three Sisters hold free events for our little people.

Today they had a petting zoo theme with crafts along for the ride

*Those are not raisins, Fraser was kept well away as I knew exactly how that would of ended *

Throughout the whole of August they will be running kids shows and films with themes each weekend. This week we tried out *Fringe for Bairns* few of the shows will only run for this week but most will be running throughout the whole of the fringe.

Science magic – is a free show *donation is always nice * the link will take you along to where to find the show and times.

Both munchkins enjoyed this show which is on twice a day throughout August. We got to watch as he made a potato rocket launcher to save the world. Watch as he did some amazing magic with balloons and fire and not forgetting the sneaky grown up jokes along the way. We both giggled and Fraser sat still for longer than 5 mins I call this a win.

Andrew Roper’s Superheroes for kids 3 – is also a free show and will be on for the whole of August. It’s aimed at 5+. The show is 45 mins of superhero dress up with a range of pin pon balls and Thor hammer thrown in for good measure.

For the biggest munchkin at the age of 4 she knows her basics of superhero’s. I think any younger then I think they would struggle to understand the jokes as it was a few Charlotte didn’t quite understand due to her lack knowledge of superhero’s.

Fraser well, he was just along for the ride for this one and befriended two poor ladies behind us and decided to wave for the next 15 mins at them specifically. I think if your little person is super hero daft then this is the show for them. With superhero dress up and help from the audience then this should be on your hit list.

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